John Priston

Artist & Photographer

Welcome to Our Photo Studio

We are a creative team passionate about photography.

We put our heart and soul into our works. We hope that you can feel it while looking through the portfolio. Enjoy the emotions transmitted through every shot.


We specialize in producing quality photography content such as fashion and beauty, collection shooting for clothing designers, actor’s headshots, model tests, retail advertising and online commerce, wedding photos – from one-day shoots to long term relationships. Our clients include ad agencies, fashion retailers, fashion houses, cosmetic companies and individual customers. Working with many industry experts, our team can help you organize your shoot.



Just like looking in the eyes, photography can reveal your soul. What's more, a picture can bear different meanings. When looking at a photo of a newborn kid a woman will see her daughter's nose, eyes and chin, a man will pay attention to the absolutely different details. Photography can provide not only a sense of place, but also have a historical and educational meaning.


We often say that a picture is worth a thousand words. With the help of camera shots we can literally freeze the moment in our hands. We collect captures in the photo albums or on the hard drives in order to get magically transported into the past while looking trough them. Photography has a truly magical effect on each of us. By looking at it we can recall the scenes from the past in greater details.

Latest Projects

My latest photo projects